2013 Eastern Academy Of Management Meeting (EAM)

Event Date: 
May 8, 2013 (All day) to May 11, 2013 (All day)
Baltimore, Maryland


Conference Theme

This year’s conference theme, “Creativity and Innovation: Designs for the Future” focuses on the need for organizations to respond in new and different ways to dynamic market forces. In the midst of rapidly changing technology and a culture that craves exciting products and services, organizations are compelled to innovate to remain competitive. The success of companies like Google, Apple and Facebook demonstrates the value of paradigm-breaking innovation. It is clear that leaders need to create conditions that support organizational innovation and individual creativity. In what ways can organizations create the structure, culture and rewards that nurture a flow of new and revolutionary ideas? Are there best practices among highly innovative firms that can be adapted to promote greater creativity in different types of organizations? How can managers and educators utilize insights from the growing body of research on creativity to promote greater levels of innovation? Overall, how can firms develop strategies that allow them to compete in this increasingly innovative world? We welcome submissions that address the conference theme or traditional management topics.
This year also marks an amazing milestone for EAM. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EAM at our meeting in Baltimore. We will feature special sessions and events to commemorate 50 years of scholarship and collegiality. This year’s meeting promises to be an exciting and engaging event!