Justin Webb

Justin Webb

PhD, Texas A&M University, Mays Business School                     
MBA, Uniiversity of Richmond, Robins School of Business
BS,  Virginia Commonwealth University

Favorite Articles:
Baron, R. A., & Ensley, M. D. (2006). Opportunity recognition as the detection of meaningful patterns: evidence from comparisons of novice and experienced entrepreneurs. Management Science, 52, 1331–1344.

Portes, A., & Sensenbrenner, J. (1993). Embeddedness and immigration: Notes on the social determinants of economic action. American Journal of Sociology, 98, 1320–1350.

Urban, G. L., & Hauser, J. R. (2004). “Listening in” to find and explore new combinations of customer needs. Journal of Marketing, 68, 72–87.


Research Interests:
Justin W. Webb is the Belk Endowed Scholar in Business Innovation in the Belk College of Business at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research interests include understanding the contextual and individual influences on the entrepreneurship process, market-based solutions to poverty in base-of-the-pyramid markets, entrepreneurship within the informal economy, and family firm dynamics. His research has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Family Business Strategy, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies,and Journal of Operations Management, among other journals. He currently serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Family Business Review, and Journal of Family Business Strategy. He has recently guest co-edited a special issue of Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal concerning “Entrepreneurship and Strategy in the Informal Economy.” He is a founding member of the Social Impact Research Lab – a group of scholars dedicated to working with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to improve the implementation of their poverty solutions.