UNCC Resources:

Multi-level Meta-Analysis

Gooty, J., Banks, G. C., Loignon, A., Tonidandel, S., and Williams, C. E. (in press). Meta-analyses as a multi-level model. Organizational Research Methods, 1-23. doi: 10.1177/1094428119857471

metatomulti: Shiny App for Multi-Level Meta-Analysis

Relative Importance Analysis

Tonidandel, S. & LeBreton, J. M. (2014). RWA-Web -- A free, comprehensive, web-based, and user-friendly tool for relative weight analysis. Journal of Business and Psychology. doi: 10.1007/s10869-014-9351-z


Scale shortening 

Tonidandel, S., Summerville, K., Banks, G. C., Heggestad, E. D., Scheaf, D. (April, 2019) A pareto optimization approach for shortening a validated scale.  Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. National Harbor, MD.

Shanock, L. R., Baran, B. E., Gentry, W. A., Pattison, S. C., & Heggestad, E. D. (2010). Polynomial regression and response surface analysis: A powerful approach for examining moderation and overcoming limitations of difference scores. Journal of Business and Psychology, 25, 543-554.

Response Surface Analysis Excel File