Clifton Scott

Communication Studies
Colvard 5009

B.S., Bradley University
M.A., Northern Illinois University
Ph.D., Arizona State University

Curiculum Vitae

Favorite Articles:
Barley, S. R. (1986). Technology as an occasion for structuring: Evidence from observations of CT scanners and the social order of radiology departments. Administrative Science Quarterly, 31, 78-108.

Haas, J. (1977). Learning real feelings: A study of high steel ironworkers' reactions to fear and danger. Work and Occupations, 4(2), 147-170.

Axley, S. R. (1984). Managerial and organizational communication in terms of the conduit metaphor. Academy of Management Review, 9(3), 428-437.

Research Interests:
Organizational communication, high reliability organizing, occupational safety, sensemaking, organizational socialization, meetings.