Dave Woehr

252 A Friday

PhD – Georgia Institute of Technology
MS – Georgia Institute of Technology
BA – Trinity University

Favorite Articles:
Feldman, J.M. & Lynch, J.G. (1988).  Self-generated validity and other effects of measurement on belief, attitudes, intention, and behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, 73(3), 421-435.

Hambrick, D.C. (2007).  The field of management’s devotion to theory: Too much of a good thing? Academy of Management Journal, 50(6), 1346-1352.

Neisser, U., et al. (1996). Intelligence: Knowns and unknowns. American Psychologist, Vol 51(2), Feb 1996, 77-101.

Cronbach, L.J. (1957). The two disciplines of scientific psychology. American Psychologist, Vol 12(11), Nov 1957, 671-684.

Research Interests:
Performance appraisal, managerial assessment, work ethic, and applied measurement.