Inclusion Research

Some of our faculty and students are engaged in a wide-range of research activities on inclusion.  For example:

  • Doug Pugh and colleagues just published the article, "Looking Inside and Out: The Impact of Employee and Community Demographic Composition and Organizational Climate for Diversity" in the Journal of Applied Psychology.  Dr. Pugh has also published "I Say Tomato, You Say Domate: Differential Reactions to English-Only Workplace Policies by Persons from Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Families" in the Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Maria Arboleda and Linda Shanock just presented a paper titled, "Organizational Support for Diversity: Encouraging Beneficial Aspects of a Diverse Workforce".
  • Brett Agypt has done some research on the hiring processes in regard to race and gender of faculty members at UNC Charlotte.
  • Lisa Walker and colleagues have received funding from the National Science Foundation examining gender and status differentials in teams.
  • Shawn Long has done a plethora of research on diversity in the workplace.  He is doing work on the following topics: Islamophobia at work: Cultural terrorism in organizations; African-American organizational dialogue; and he studied illegal immigration (mainly Hispanic workers) working in the construction industry whom are undocumented.