Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA)

The Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA) was developed in 2009 by students and faculty in the Organizational Science doctoral program.

VPA is an online survey that measures a number of key individual (e.g., satisfaction with communication) and organizational outcomes (e.g., intentions to quit).  VPA consultants work with clients to guide them through the survey process, support the survey collection, create aggregated results reports, and interpret the survey results.  Thanks to grants and support from the Humane Society of the United States and UNC Charlotte, clients receive this service at no cost. 

Since its founding, VPA has served over 100 volunteer programs from across the United States and Canada.  In addition, VPA has expanded to other universities, including Creighton University, George Mason University, and Illinois State University.  Through continued and expanded outreach efforts, VPA strives to provide an opportunity for volunteer managers to learn, meet, and grow.

For more information regarding VPA please visit this media report:

UNC Charlotte's Innovative Assessment System Helps Non Profits Nurture Volunteers

For more information regarding VPA please visit its website.