Organizational Science Consulting & Research (OSCR)

The large staff associated with OSCR allows it to provide a wide range of high quality research-based scientifically sound services to local, state, regional, and national organizations in both the public and private sectors. OSCR staff members have effectively carried out projects including:

  • design and implement selection and recruitment systems
  • assess individual, team, and work group performance
  • train and develop individuals, teams, and departments
  • measure and improve job satisfaction, other employee attitudes, turnover, and absenteeism
  • program evaluation
  • workplace environment assessment
  • coaching and leadership development
  • job analyses and training needs assessment
  • organizational diagnosis and development
  • measure and improve customer service and satisfaction
  • implement and improve work teams
  • assess and manage occupational stress and occupational health issues
  • quality improvement initiatives

For more extensive information regarding OSCR please visit its website.