Our Consulting Units and Outreach Programs

The Organizational Science program houses two consulting units and two outreach programs:

  • Organizational Science Center (OSC):  The Organizational Science Center is a non-profit unit providing organizations with scientifically sound consulting services associated with promoting employee and organizational health, well-being, and effectiveness. 

  • Volunteer Program Assessment (VPA, pronounced vee-pah):  VPA is a cutting-edge, innovative, and completely free volunteer assessment system designed to promote nonprofit organizational effectiveness.

  • Organizational Science Summer Institute (OSSI): The Organizational Science Summer Institute is designed to provide underrepresented undergraduate students with a unique educational opportunity by providing experiences to foster interest and ability in research, scholarship, application and graduate study while in a supportive graduate climate that values multiple diverse perspectives (e.g. disciplinary, demographic, methodology, and intellectual).

  • The Power of Yet: The Power of Yet is a school-based youth development program intended to introduce elementary-grade students to concepts of growth mindset, self-leadership, resilience and self-talk to promote healthy coping strategies to persist in tasks toward more positive educational outcomes.