Research Labs


The majority of research conducted in the Organizational Science program is one-on-one with faculty and students, or in small teams of faculty members and students. However, there are some labs run by one or more OS faculty.


High-Reliability, Emotion, and Risk in Organizations Lab (HERO)

HERO Lab is dedicated to researching topics that are meaningful to scholars, practitioners, and communities at large. Our interdisciplinary coalition examines occupational health and safety, relational processes, and employee well-being to produce evidence-based best practices. We specialize in law enforcement, medical, and safety-oriented organizations and the communities they serve. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial understanding across organizational boundaries through the study of High-Reliability Systems, Emotions, and Risk within Organizational contexts.

Virtual Identity, Community, and Entitativity Research Group (VICE)

Organizations, communities, and society are increasingly dependent on information and communication technologies (ICT) like email, discussion forums, and knowledge management tools.  The lives of employees and ordinary citizens are being affected by these technologies in ways that can increase (or decrease) their health and functioning.  How can researchers improve the positives and mitigate the negatives to employees and citizens in these changing times?

This is the premise of UNC Charlotte’s V.I.C.E. Research Group. This lab is an interdisciplinary research incubator drawing from the disciplines of industrial-organizational psychology, social psychology, sociology, communication studies, management, and human-computing interactions. We examine how ICT affects individual, group, organizational, and community functioning focusing on people’s feelings of identity, community, and entitativity.